When do we need to replace glass shower doors?

When do we need to replace glass shower doors?

The glass shower door enhances the appearance of the bathroom, helps to reflect light, and makes the space larger and more open. It is precise because of these advantages that the glass shower room is also sought after and loved by more and more people.

But over time, there will be signs on the glass shower door to remind us that it's time to change it. Eventually, we may need to replace the glass shower door. So when do we need to replace the glass shower door? Now, let's find the answer together with the shower room hardware company  Loire Hardware Co. Limited, which specializes in glass hardware for shower hinges, shower glass clamps, doorknobs, shower sliding door kits & other related accessories for over 21 years.

When the shower door glass is damaged

When opening and closing the shower door, you may accidentally touch another object in the bathroom, causing the glass to crack or break. Although the damage is small at first, the defect will expand as the glass responds to changes in indoor temperature. These cracks destroy the integrity of the glass and make it easier to break. For the sake of safety, it's time to replace the glass door of the shower room so that the door won't hurt people because it breaks.

When there is water in the bathroom

Part of the function of the glass shower door is to prevent water from splashing on the bathroom floor. If you notice water in the bathroom after taking a bath, the gaskets, seals, and accessories around the frame will be damaged over time. Damaged components may prevent the door from closing safely, resulting in water leakage from the gap in the door frame. Ultimately, this can damage the floor and cause mold growth.

When the hardware of the shower room is rusty

As we all know, glass hardware is an important part of a shower room, and they play a very important role in the field of the shower room. Each glass shower door requires a door handle and hinge to open and close. Some also use metal frames to hold the doors in place. Although the hardware manufacturer of shower rooms carries out anti-corrosion and moisture-proof treatment on the hardware in the production process, as the hardware is in a humid environment for a long time, it will eventually rust. In this case, the hinge may not open normally or may break from the frame. If you do not pay attention in time, the door frame may lose its structural integrity, resulting in the door loosening and falling. Although you can replace some hardware, extensive corrosion requires a new door.

That what about the article when do we need to replace glass shower doors? Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.

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