Where to Buy Shower Glass Clamps?

Where to Buy Shower Glass Clamps?

How to choose shower door glass clamps? Where To Buy Shower Glass Clamps? As we all know, shower enclosure glass clamps play an important role in the decoration and design of your shower. Frameless shower glass clamps not only can hold glass panels in place but also influences the final appearance of your frameless shower outlook and the final cost. 

What Are Shower Glass Clamps?

Shower glass clamps, aka shower glass clips, can keep fixed glass panels secure within the frameless shower enclosure. In general, shower door glass clamps are versatile for all shower configurations, including wall-to-glass and glass-to-glass configurations.

Durable and sturdy shower enclosure glass clamps are always made of high-quality metal materials with shiny and long-lasting surfaces. Moreover, there are different types available depending on the application requirements, including glass-to-wall clamps (glass-to-wall at 180 degrees), corner clips (glass-to-wall at 90 degrees), neo-angle clips (glass-to-wall at 135 degrees), etc.

The Best Frameless Shower Glass Clamps

Square Glass Clamps


  • Designed For 5/16" (8mm) or 3/8"(10mm) Glass
  • Solid Forged Brass Construction
  • Includes Mounting Screws and Gaskets
  • 90 Degree
  • Maximum Door Weight is 45 kg.

The square corner shower glass clamps have become one of the most popular choices of clips that can offer a sharp, modern look for bathrooms. You can find them in homes, apartments, hotels, and both domestic and commercial applications. Due to the more mature manufacturing techniques, square glass clamps are a little lower priced than beveled edge shower glass clamps, making them a more cost-effective choice.

Beveled Edge Shower Glass Clamps

Beveled edge shower glass clamps look more flexible and softer than square corner shower glass clamps without looking rigid, offering antique and sleek styles. Because of the more complex manufacturing processes, beveled edge shower glass clamps are slightly more expensive than square ones.

Product Details

Name        Glass door hinge/shower hinge/glass hinge/door hinge Keyword Shower hinge/shower clamp
Material   Solid Brass Packing Pearl Cotton Bag+ Inner White Box+ Carton 
Degree   0/90/135/180 degree Usage Glass door
Finish   CP/BN/SCP/ORB/PB/Others Glass Door thickness    8-10mm
Hinge thickness     5mm/6mm Payment Term T/T
Technology   Stamping/Die-cast MOQ 1 PCS

Adjustable Glass Clamps

Adjustable Glass To Glass Clamp

The adjustable glass to glass clamp is designed to join two glass panels that meet between 90 and 180 degrees, and clear silicone is available to provide a clean, waterproof seal. Usually, adjustable glass clamps come with various finishes and can be able to hold the glass panels of contemporary showers.

The adjustable glass to glass clamp helps maintain a frameless look to provide a clean alternative when the wall is not 90º to the fixed panel or when the glass-to-glass application is not at a standard angle. The range of these glass shelf support clamps can accommodate 3/8" or 5/16" (10 or 8mm) glass, and custom finishes are available.

Final Word

Loire is a top frameless shower glass clamps manufacturer and supplier in China with many years of experience. In addition to shower glass clamps, we also offer a wide range of glass hardware fittings for shower rooms and bathrooms. Please feel free to contact us at loire@loire-hardware.com for professional hardware solutions for your project!

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