Why Choose Frameless Shower Doors?

Why Choose Frameless Shower Doors?

From shape and size to tiles and fixtures, do you have ideas for creating your own shower room? If you don’t know where to start, you may consider a custom frameless shower door offering a high-end, contemporary look. Here I will introduce the reasons why choosing frameless shower doors.

Endless Design Possibilities

Frameless shower doors offer more options in style and size - especially when compared to framed enclosures, which may seem outdated and limited. Additionally, frameless shower doors allow homeowners to pay more attention to other fixtures and areas of the bathroom.

Increased Functionality

Frameless shower doors are ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you want a single door, sliding door, panel, screen or steam shower, the door can also be customized and installed according to your specific specifications.

A frameless shower door can be opened in and out, which is probably one of the best benefits. Different from the framed shower door, which is limited to outward opening, the functions of frameless doors are obviously stronger in daily use.
frameless sliding glass shower door
Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door

Easier To Clean

Frameless shower doors are easier to keep clean than traditional framed shower doors. There is no metal frame to collect water, and the dirt will be wiped off quickly with a cloth. Just wipe the glass; elbow grease is not normally required! In addition, you can easily reach all the corners and gaps of the shower without having to climb over the bathtub or squeeze around the metal frame.

Let The Light In

Another advantage of frameless shower door enclosures is that they allow light to pass directly through the bathroom. As a small enclosed space, the bathroom needs natural light to feel healthier and more spacious. Frameless shower doors are more modern than other enclosures. In addition, they reflect natural light, illuminate the bathroom, and provide a larger, broader space.


Frameless shower doors are a great option for both residential and commercial applications, including your home, hotel, apartment, etc. Also, shower room accessories always play an important part in delivering practicality and beauty to add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Loire offers first-class hinges for frameless glass shower doors and more frameless sliding glass shower door hardware for various needs. Please feel free to contact us at loire@loire-hardware.com for more details!

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