Why we need a glass shower door?

Why we need a glass shower door?

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How comfortable it is to take a hot bath in the bathroom after a busy day's work. Therefore, the bathroom plays a very important role in a people's family. The glass shower door is the most important part of the bathroom design. It can be installed in the existing shell or built in the new shell. Compared with standard products or other materials, it has many advantages. The design of shower doors not only creates a unique sense of space, but also these glass shower doors are beautiful, durable and low maintenance cost.

The light can be transmitted to make the bathroom more spacious

Glass allows more light to pass through than curtains and other opaque shower shell materials. Because people can see the space behind them, it also makes the bathroom look bigger. If our bathroom space was small, choosing the glass bathroom door is a wise choice.

Easy to clean and not conducive to mold breeding

Moisture tends to stay on the shower curtain, which helps to breed a large number of molds, which not only leads to unsightly appearance, but also is not conducive to health. Compared with the shower curtain, the glass bathroom door not only has a smooth surface without holes and will not absorb dirt and stains, but also the glass shower door is easy to clean and the surface moisture dries faster. More importantly, mold cannot grow on glass.

More economical in the long run

Although the price of shower curtain will be cheaper than glass door. However, in the long run, the shower curtain needs to be replaced every six months, so it costs a lot. But if you choose to invest in glass doors, you don't have to worry about any additional costs. Even when changing the color scheme of the bathroom or anything else, you only need to buy some detergent and don't have to worry about how to coordinate to find the perfect shower curtain.

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