Will I Need to Choose Metal Components If I Order a Frameless Shower?

Will I Need to Choose Metal Components If I Order a Frameless Shower?

Choosing to install frameless shower can significantly enhance the beauty of the bathroom. It has a fashionable and modern appearance, allowing your shower room to seamlessly blend with other parts of the space. However, a frameless shower does not mean that you must completely eliminate all metal components. In this article, we will explore the importance of ordering metal parts for frameless showers to help you make informed decisions for the bathroom.

1. Hinge and bracket

Unlike framed shower doors, frameless shower doors rely on hinges and brackets to provide support and functionality. These metal components are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the shower room. They have a variety of finishes to choose from, such as chrome, brushed nickel, and oil brushed bronze, allowing you to match the bathroom decor.

2. Handle and towel bar

Metal handles and towel bars are practical supplements to frameless showers. They provide a way to open and close the shower door and a convenient place to hang towels. Like hinges and brackets, these components come in multiple finishes to ensure they complement your bathroom style.

3. Clips and U-Channels

Clips and U-Channels are used to secure the frameless shower panel in place. Although they provide stability and support, they also have different metal finishes to choose from, which help enhance the overall appearance of the shower room. If chosen properly, they can seamlessly integrate with your bathroom design.

4. Metal shower nozzle and fixing device

The metal components only extend beyond the shower room. The metal selection of shower nozzles and fixtures will affect the overall appearance of the bathroom. Coordinating these elements with the metal components of the frameless shower can help create a unified and cohesive design.

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